The Joint Group for Swedish Life Sciences Terminology

The Joint Group for Swedish Life Sciences Terminology (Svenska biotermgruppen) is a network which was created in 1999 to coordinate Swedish terminology within life sciences such as biotechnology, molecular biology and genetics. The network consists of scientists, journalists and terminologists, which means that we take both linguistic and scientific aspects into consideration in our work. Our concept definitions and term recommendations are available on this web site.

The idea of creating a terminology network has been welcomed by scientists as well as journalists and terminologists, and the initial work has been characterized by enthusiasm and active discussions. Our work has three major aims:

  1. Better expert communication
  2. Better scientific Swedish
  3. Better public and interdisciplinary information about science.

The form of organization is about the same as for the Joint Group for Swedish Computer Terminology, a model for cooperation which has proved to be efficient and successful.

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If you want to know more about The Joint Group for Swedish Life Sciences Terminology, do contact us:

c/o Ann Magnuson
Uppsala universitet
Institutionen för kemi – Ångström
Box 523
SE-751 20 Uppsala
+46 18 471 65 82